Employment with Us

What We Have to Offer…

All hourly employees in the D70 Nutrition Services Department are paid according to a 151-day yearly contract and work during the hours that students are in school with few exceptions.  This contract coincides with the days that students are off from school.  So, working for our department grants an exceptional schedule for those who have children in school.

Pay, Schedules, Benefits, and Incentives
D70 Nutrition Services offers competitive pay rates for the foodservice industry, which includes 11 Annual/Sick Days per contract year.  The 151 contract days are divided to be paid evenly over a 12-month period, so you’re getting paid the same every month even if you’re not working that month.  In addition, we offer health, vision, and dental benefits to those working four hours or more per day.  Another benefit that is often overlooked is that district employees pay into a PERA retirement program rather than Social Security.  PERA retirement benefits far exceed those of Social Security.

In addition to the normal benefits that the district has to offer, our department offers incentives to its employees when financially able to do so.  Some of these incentives may include paying for your student’s meals, offering quarterly incentive packages for staff, wellness programs and retreats, gatherings, events, and so on…